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Who We Are
Our web designs are simple, fast, and have the customer and end user as the main focal point in design considerations. We believe that the customer must know the audience and our concept is to influence the web designer, customer, and end user so that the full project objectives are met. The design system begins with proper planning. Execution isn't a consideration until the customer and designer have a clear and concise direction for a project.

Our motto is: "Serve the customer well with planning and the design will fall into place".

Here is the Avian Web Design "Designing Process" ...

Step One - Obtain a Website Entry Name (DNS)

Website names can be obtained through Avian Web Design for $45 per year (initial fee is for two years, $95). After obtaining the rights to the DNS entry, it is yours to keep as long as you pay the fees annually. The complete .COM name process is controlled by a "multi-national system" and developed so that no two entities will have the same internet name.

Step Two - Building an Internet Presence

Avian Web Design site development is charged on an hourly basis. The Avian Web Design rate is $75 per hour and is substantially lower than other development companies ($100-$250 per hour). Please feel free to check with other companies.

You can always have a friend or relative create a website for you but professional services give the kind of support, reliability and confidence that you will need to develop your e-business over the next few years.

Small single page web sites usually cost approximately $100 where as large sites (40 pages or more) can cost up to and beyond several thousand dollars. These large web sites are the type which contain large databases of information for sale and usually includes means of online interaction with credit cards, checking and other means of payment. A site of this nature is akin to Toys-R-Us, E-bay, and MP3.com (one of the largest on line music businesses in the world). It is clearly your choice on the information or purpose for conducting business or information resources on the internet and the SKY is the limit when it comes to business opportunities. It is our hope to allow you to have as much or as little involvement as you wish in the design and ongoing maintenance of your website. We can instruct someone at your business in ongoing maintenance or provide that service to you.

Step Three - Obtain a Hosting source for your website

Currently, Avian Web Design has a working relationship with Apex Consulting (www.APEXUSA.com). They are a web space server provision company. They charge a $20 to $40 one time setup fee and $35 (small business) to $50 per month for corporate accounts (depends on internet activity and website size). This monthly fee includes one e-mail account. Additional e-mail accounts are available for a small monthly fee.
A note about FREE WEB SPACE: There are web hosting services such as Yahoo.com and others who will provide FREE web space. The are limitations to the services provided. Most of the time, they require annoying banners and advertisements. They also limit the size of your website and reserve the right to charge a monthly fee if the size of the site is exceedingly large and/or sometimes for businesses which create revenues from sales through a website. With the use of a reliable web space provider, such as Apex Consulting, you can be rest assured that website presence will always be available and not limited in any way.

Step four - Ongoing Website Support

After the final installation and shakedown of your site (When the client and Avian Web Design agree that the website is up to date and complete), you may be wondering, "What happens if I want my website updated". Avian Web Design will gladly keep your site updated for you by one of several methods. #1ongoing monthly contract, #2 by means of hourly charge as needed basis, or #3 train someone at your business to keep the site updated. We are open to any alternative solutions that you request.
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